Improving Quality Citizenship Education for Sustainable Growth, Security and Development in Africa

Publication Date : 06/01/2020

Author(s) :

1Edobor Sunday Ernest , 2Maliki Christopher Irekheafe.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 1
(01 - 2020)

Abstract :

Abstract Education is a veritable tool for individual, national and world development. However, education should meet the needs of the individuals and the immediate host. This underscores the rationale why education in Nigeria is seen as an instrument “per excellence” for effecting national development. Consequently, Nigeria government has it that for the benefit of all citizens, the country’s educational goals shall be clearly set out in terms of their relevance to the needs of the individual and those of the society, in consonance with the realities of our environment and modern world. Citizenship education is designed to expose students to their immediate society, constitutional provisions and structure of government that will make them better members of the society. With this, they will appreciate better the culture, values and national ethics of actualizing a virile Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Citizenship education educates students about their civil responsibilities. This paper therefore examined improving quality citizenship education for sustainable growth, security and development in Africa, the challenges of citizenship education as well as possible solutions. The philosophy and objectives of citizenship education in Nigeria were looked at. The prospects and potentials of improving quality citizenships education for sustainable growth, security and development in Africa were also considered. The paper opines that citizenship education has the potential for maintaining sustainable growth, peaceful co- existence (security) and development in Africa. Keywords: Citizens, Citizenship Education, Development, National Ethics and Security

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